While cats are under our care at Cat Trap Fever, they have a cat room, a playroom, and a catio at their disposal. Whenever possible, we allow cats to be free in order to play with other cats. That usually comes after several weeks of socialization, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, and more.

Maisie & Cordelia are learning to play
Bella is reaching out to remind you of our Amazon Wishlist
What’s cuter than Willow in a onesie? NOTHING.
Greyson loves playing in the cat room.
Greyson loves playing in the cat-room. If you would like to help with monthly heating/cooling expenses, become a patron!

Bram, Harry, and Oscar know they are safe and loved.
Cats love the Catio!
Cats love the Catio at Cat Trap Fever!
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